We have a nursery for newborns and toddlers as well as classes for preschoolers and elementary school students.  all of our programs are designed to lay the foundation for kids to have continued conversations about God and what He is doing in their lives at home.  We're excited to partner with parents to lead their children to truly experience God!


The heart of children's ministry at our church is to lead teach kids about who God is and how His Word applies to their lives in creative and memorable ways.  Through engaging teaching, supportive environments, and close knit small groups, we guide our children towards a better understanding of what it means to have a real relationship with Jesus Christ. We want kids to know the Bible is full of interesting stories that matter in their lives today, that fun and games are definitely allowed at church, that worship can be full of loud music and silly movements, and that there are adults in the church who truly want to love and lead them closer to Jesus.  In other words, we want them to know that where God is, life is a lot more FUN! 


If you spend any time around our church at all, you'll quickly learn one thing:  we love students!  They're smart.  They're funny.  They're bold.  And they're a bursting with potential.  We truly believe that the middle and high school students in our midst are world changers in the making. 

That's why student ministry is such a huge part of our church.  We want to guide students in developing a personal faith in Christ as they step into their specific roles in the story God is writing with their lives.  We work hard to create environments that engage students in good conversation about God, encouraging hem t to ask questions, search out answers, and truly learn to listen to His leading in their lives.  and maybe even have a little fun while they are at it!  After all, if life in Christ is truly the best life we can live, shouldn't we encourage our student to enjoy living to the fullest?  We know that the middle and high school years are a time where students are most in need of kindness and community and someone to walk  alongside them as they grow.  Our student ministry provides just that, connecting students with one anoter as well as with leaders who want to support them in their journeys.  Both middle and high school groups meet weekly for worship, Bible study and small groups to encourage students in their faith.


Adult ministries at our church are designed to make the "Big Sunday" morning church  experience feel a little smaller.  We've designed an environment to help you connect with others who are in the same season of life, forming small group communities to help you navigate the ups and downs of life.  Through these small group classes, out main goal is to make adult ministries at our church a place where anyone in our congregation can grow closer to one another as they grow closer to Christ.  By meeting together, studying God's Word, fellowshipping, and simply doing life together, the adults of our church have a safe place where they can get connected with resources, support, and friendships to help them live a fuller life in Christ.  No matter your stage or season of life, we want you to join us!  Take a look at all the options we have for Sunday School classes and Small Groups studies.  We can't wait to help you connect with others in our church.